About the website

About this site
This is the site for you who, for various reasons, need to know something about the physical design of an area or building. Here you will find information on door width, if access is stair-free, if telecoils are available, incline degrees, guidelines, and much more.

Rogaland County Administration is one of eight pilot counties in universal design. One of the measures the County has introduced for making Rogaland accessible, is the online portal www.tilgjengelighet.no

The objective of www.tilgjengelighet.no is to be a database for accessibility for public buildings, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs, sports venues, churches, parks and outdoor areas, public transportation, etc. You can search on municipality, type of building/area, and type of function needs. The mapping and identification work is based on the principles of universal design, and is performed by qualified personnel in consultation with representatives from user organisations.

Universal design is the design of products and surroundings in such a manner that they may be used by all people, to the greatest possible extent, without a need for adjustments or special design (cf. Regional plan for universal design).

Over the course of our lives, we will all experience some form of impairment, and we will need to know how areas and buildings are designed. It can be a new mother with her pram, a grandfather who has problems walking far, a 50-year old who has trouble reading a restaurant menu, or someone with impaired hearing who will not hear the hotel’s regular fire alarm.

User guides
The blue search box is designed logically and intuitively, which should make it easy to find the information you are looking for. We have therefore decided to not include a verbal user guide.

Labelling symbols
The objective is to assign symbols for buildings and venues that meet certain minimum accessibility requirements. There are fairly strict requirements for receiving these symbols, which is why only a few places and buidlings have received them yet. (The methodology is a work in progress)

Report on www.tilgjengelighet.no
The report provides an overview of how the web site originated and its various development stages until the end of 2012.

Registration form
As part of the development of the web site, two registration forms were prepared. One for Buildings and Venues the other for Outdoor Areas. The forms are used to evaluate the physical conditions, and have been prepared in partnership with the user organisations.
The Excel version of the buildings and venues form shows the requirements stipulated by TEK-10 (Technical Regulations) and/or NS 11001 (Norwegian Standard) for each registration item. These references are only intended as a tool, showing where the issue is rooted. TEK-10 and NS are revised regularly, so it is not possible to keep these updated at all times.
The forms for outdoor areas are prepared based on the form from Friluftsrådenes Landsforbund (The Norwegian Outdoor Board) and in collaboration with user organisations. Both are based on the Technical Regulations.

Link to the two forms:
- Buildings and Venues
- Outdoor areas